Arshia 22cm Pressure Cooker Red


22cm Pressure CookerPR622-1808Cook your food at high temperature & pressure. This pressure ...

22cm Pressure Cooker
Cook your food at high temperature & pressure. This pressure cooker can give you a nice cut of beef for braised stew and tender meat.  This pressure cooker steams vegetables much better than the slow cooker which tends to make them mushy and lets you brown and sauté your ingredients right in the pressure cooker itself. With pressure cooker recipes, all cooking times would be taken only from when the level of pressure is reached, at which point you should lower the heat but try to maintain the same level of pressure for the time stated. Food cooks in around a third of the usual time, so you use less electricity. Cook more with ARSHIA 22cm Pressure Cooker
– Featuring highest quality Casting Aluminium material with Teflon Select non-stick interior which gives it the effortless release of food.
– Versatile shapes that accommodates several different cooking techniques.
– Long handles that stays cool on the stovetop for hours of comfortable cooking.
– Sparkling glass-and-stainless covers give you a clear view of simmering casserole and pot, too.
– Material: Die-Casting Aluminium
– Exterior treatment: Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)
– Interior treatment: Teflon selects coating
– Cover: Tempered glass with stainless steel rim

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