Arshia 24cm DC Crepe Pan


24cm DC Crepe PanFP151-1815This elegant and professional quality crepe pan is sure to yield a flawle ...

24cm DC Crepe Pan
This elegant and professional quality crepe pan is sure to yield a flawless crepe.  The nonstick surface ensures hassle free crepe removal and easy clean. With even heat distribution, this 24cm round pan is ideal for crepes, pancakes, omelettes, tasty treats and many more. Comes with comfortable silicon grip and ergonomic handle preventing direct heat to your hand. Whether you prefer your crepes stuffed with savoury ham and cheese or a fruit and chocolate filling, this pan will offer excellent heat distribution allowing for finished crepes to smoothly slide off the surface and onto your plate. Enjoy experimenting variety of dishes with this  ARSHIA 24cm DC Crepe Pan.
– 24cm Round Non-stick Pan ideal for crepe and omelets
– Ergonomically angled handle for a comfortable Silicon grip away from direct heat
– Produced from advanced technology 3 layers of non-stick coating
– Pressure-cast base allows for excellent even heat distribution
– Gas and Electric hob suitability
– Provides ideal food release when ready
– Pan base heats up evenly and quickly
– Dishwasher safe

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