Arshia 20cm DC Frypan


20cm DC FrypanFP622-1789These aluminium frypan is lightweight, dent & scratch resistant, non-cor ...

20cm DC Frypan
These aluminium frypan is lightweight, dent & scratch resistant, non-corrosive and an excellent thermal conductor of heat making it the ideal material for cooking food. Aluminium die-cast is the best metals for conducting heat allowing for quick heating and retaining of heat.
– Featuring highest quality Casting Aluminium material with Teflon Select non-stick interior which gives it the effortless release of food.
– Versatile shapes that accommodate several different cooking techniques.
– Long handles that stay cool on the stovetop for hours of comfortable cooking.
– Material: Die-Casting Aluminium
– Exterior treatment: Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)
– Interior treatment: Teflon selects coating

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