Arshia 34cm Deep Fry Pan

Arshia 34cm Deep Fry Pan

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34cm Deep Fry Pan...

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34cm Deep Fry Pan
These aluminium frypan is lightweight, dent & scratch resistant, non-corrosive and an excellent thermal conductor of heat making it the ideal material for cooking food. Aluminium is the best metals for conducting heat allowing for quick heating and retaining of heat.
– Featuring highest quality Aluminium material with Teflon Select non-stick interior which gives it the effortless release of food.
– Versatile shapes that accommodates several different cooking techniques.
– Long handles that stays cool on the stovetop for hours of comfortable cooking.
– Sparkling glass-and-stainless covers give you a clear view of simmering casserole and pot, too.
– Material:  Aluminium
– Exterior treatment: Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)
– Interior treatment: Teflon selects coating
– Cover: Tempered glass with stainless steel rim

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