Arshia  Power Blender B

Arshia Power Blender B

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Power Blender

Product Description

Power Blender

Mix and grind your very own food combination using ARSHIA Blender that brags its
1200 Watts super high-speed motor for food processing that you can use especially during your
hassle time where you need to do it steadfastly. It is a fully-automatic machine with a large
blender jars that can accumulate 1.8 liters food content so you would never worry about
putting all your favorite foods together. Staging its present-day design you will never go wrong
with this one, this is perfect for food explorers and to those who wanted to start creating their
own food recipe. With its triple safety protection offers One-touch preset function keys for
vegetable, soy milk, sauces smoothie, bisque and nut processing, you can expect maximized efficiency in
the kitchen.

–Powerful 1200 Watts motor
–Super high-speed motor for thorough food processing
–One-touch preset function keys for vegetable, soy milk, sauce,
smoothie, bisque and nut processing
–Fully-automatic operation with time & speed buttons
for precise adjustment
–Extra-large, 1.8 liters blender jar
–Triple safety protection

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