Buon Apetito The Ladle Rosa


Rossetti Buon Appetito The Ladle RosaThe Buon Appetito by Rossetti range relooks at some of the most ...

Rossetti Buon Appetito The Ladle Rosa

The Buon Appetito by Rossetti range relooks at some of the most commonly used kitchen tools and gadgets to reinvent a new minimalistic take on how we perform basic functions while cooking. From the bold bright to the soft pastel trending colours you’re sure to find a perfect match!

-Each tool features SmartRest™, A design registered function built with an inclusive handy groove within the function head design.
-The SmartRest™ is specifically designed to avoid mess when a tool is normally placed onto kitchen surfaces and rather to rest on any cookware rim for short periods of time – a good
 idea when the doorbell rings!
-New larger function head designs allow for bigger carrying capacities unlike other tools available.
-The tools are perfectly balanced with weighted-core inserts allowing the tool to rest on all cookware sizes and shapes.
-Signature straight-line rounded handles not only pleasing on the eye but, increases the ease and comfort when performing basic movements on the hand and wrist.
-All Buon Appetito tools are reinforced with fibreglass increasing the strength and heat resistance of the function head.
-All Buon Appetito tools and gadgets are food safe, dishwasher safe and are heat resistant up to 240°C/480°F all suitable for non-stick cookware.
-To preserve the performance of your utensil do not leave the function head to rest in hot oil, while the SmartRest™ should only be used for short periods of time.

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