Ecocube Mint

Ecocube Mint

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Product Description

Ecocube Herbs Mint Grow Cube

Give a different kind of present! This natural, sustainable gift is sure to please the recipient.
The seeds in these decorative wooden cubes soon grow beautiful flowers.
Each cube is made of high-quality alder wood, filled with special nutrient granules and plant seeds, and sealed with a sticker.
Lavender is a very decorative and intensively spicy plant that grows countless small, blue-violet, intensely scented leaves.

Planting instructions:
-Open the ecocube and remove the sticker.
-Carefully pour 30 ml of water into the cube.
-Place the wooden cube in a bright, warm place and water regularly.
-After about 12 - 16 days the plants begin to grow.
-After about 12 weeks then the flowering begins.
-After about 10 months, the entire cube can be transplanted into a pot.
-The ecocube slowly composts and becomes a valuable fertilizer for the plant.

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