Evercut Stealth Chef Knife 19cm


EVERCUT Furtif Chef's KnifeThe EVERCUT Furtif Chef's Knife can handle nearly every food prep task wi ...

EVERCUT Furtif Chef's Knife

The EVERCUT Furtif Chef's Knife can handle nearly every food prep task with ease.
Use it for routine cutting tasks like chopping, slicing, and dicing.
The rounded belly allows for rocking cuts to mince herbs and garlic.
The high gauge blade is forged from tempered French stainless steel for strength and durability.
The blade is also coated with titanium carbide, laser-bonded to the blade.
This coating gives EVERCUT Furtif blades their characteristic black color and nonstick properties.
The edge is machine-sharpened and guaranteed to remain sharp over a lifetime with proper use and care.
The black ABS handle is faceted for a natural pinch grip without fatigue or pain.
Full tang construction provides balance and strength while cutting.
Each EVERCUT Furtif knife is made in France and bears a unique serial number for the purpose of registration and guarantee.
They should not be sharpened except by the manufacturer. Hand wash only.

-7.5-inch forged French stainless steel blade
-High-gauge blade for strength and durability
-Coated with titanium carbide, laser bonded to the blade
-Machine-sharpened for a lifetime edge
-Faceted black ABS handle for a natural pinch grip without pain or fatigue
-Full tang construction
-Hand wash only
-Made in France

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