Chinese Hotpot

Chinese Hotpot

Indulge in a fun family dinner that is effortless to make and a great way to experience Chinese cuisine. It consists of fresh vegetables, thin-cut meats, and a simmering broth shared amongst friends and family. Hence, the freedom you have in creating your very own hotpot. Also, A popular way to share a meal and conversation. 

Ingredients: (Choose as you please)
Bok Choy
Lotus root
Sliced potatoes
Enoki mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms
Thinly sliced beef brisket / flank steak
Boneless chicken breasts
Fish fillet
Mixed Seafood Balls
Rice vermicelli
Rice cakes

Sauce: (Choose as you please)
Peanut butter
Soy sauce
Oyster Sauce
Salted Shrimp paste
Sesame paste and oil
Chili paste and oil
Minced Garlic
Crushed peanuts
White pepper
Chopped spring onion
Chopped cilantro


  • Place boiling soup stock in a wide, shallow pot on a portable electric burner.
  • Place individual plates of raw ingredients on the table, along with dipping sauce ingredients.
  • Have each diner mix their own dipping sauce while the pot of soup comes to a boil. Once boiling, begin adding ingredients to the pot. Be sure to cook ingredients through before consuming, and allow the pot to boil for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute after adding any raw meat or seafood.