Detox Celery Juice

Detox Celery Juice

Feel alive and well with this proven miracle drink, known to have countless health benefits for your body and well being! All you need is just one ingredient.

Mentioned below are just "some" of the benefits of celery juice:

Protects and Heals Your Liver
Reduces Inflammation
Supports Weight Loss
Reduces Bloating
Prevents UTI’s
Prevents High Blood Pressure
Helps to Lower Cholesterol
Reduces Fatigue
Reduces Migraines
Decreases Joint and Muscle Pain

... and the list goes on!

Try it out for yourself, and discover the wonders it brings! 


  • Wash each stalks carefully, removing all sand and dirt. Towel dry it next.
  • Optional: Cut the leaves off of the stalk to cut down the bitterness. 
  • Chop the celery into bite sized pieces.
  • Placed the chopped celery into the blender or juicer, until it has thickened into a puree like consistency. 
  • Pour the mushed celery into a strainer. Press it down with a spoon, separating the juice from the pulp. 
  • Best served chilled! Also, great to have first thing in the morning,